My Story

In February 2018 I became a wheelchair user, diagnosed with a functional neurological disorder. Before all this I was an avid camper and explorer. In my earlier years, I did almost all forms of camping through New Zealand but I found myself in a situation where accessibility is now an issue.

There is extremely few resources out there and equipment costing tens of thousands of dollars, which isn’t fair to the majority of disabled people who want to explore the wilderness.

I have helped many different kinds of community groups and organisations over the years and I have reached a point where I want to help others feel they aren’t alone in having a wanderlust and don’t know how to explore.

I hope you do find something useful here that can help you.

Instagram - @AdaptiveExplorer

What I Am Striving For Here At

I want to show people that exploring the outdoors with disabilities is not impossible. If we can work together and teach what those before have tried, it can help people go beyond the asphalt and into off-road areas around Australia which they thought were inaccessible. We should be allowed the right to make the choice to explore our country just anyone else with just as much independence and I hope to help and share my experiences and what I learn along the way to help others who wish to explore with similar physical challenges.

With the right tools and education available, anyone should be about to go out and explore.